Oh Canada! – E

On April 1st it was finally time to board the plane and take off for Canada. After a two hour flight from Detroit I landed in Montréal and was welcomed by rain. Although the weather was bad, I felt encouraged to start my journey. After a short trip to the Border and Customs Control to get my work permit, I took the bus shuttle to downtown Montréal to get to my apartment.

Although my room is rather small, it’s definitely manageable considering I won’t spend too much time here once my internship starts. Till the end of May I’m living with two other girls, one from Turkey and one from Brazil.
I definitely needed more than a few days to get settled but for now I have arranged my room to be comfortable and liveable.

The first week passed without any routine or any planned events. I used the time to get settled and situated in Canada. I took a lot of walks through the city to get familiar with my surroundings. In the following weeks I will post more pictures. Since the weather was just gray and rainy the whole time, the city was generally in a dull mood. It’s slowly getting warmer now and I’m excited to see how the city will change once spring has fully arrived.

The following Monday (04/11) I will start with my internship at the Goethe Institute and I’ll be very busy during the day. I am excited to work and study in this city since Montréal’s society is a mix of many languages and cultures. In the following weeks and months I will have the opportunity to experience a lot of things and I am very excited about that.

Fitting to this week’s arrival in a new country, the song of the week will be the Canadian national anthem.

Until next week!

Song of the Week:
Canadian National Anthem – Navy Band

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