Montréal, Thank You!

It’s amazing how fast time can fly. Although I haven’t travelled a lot since my last entry, I have had many experiences with my friends.

The last couple of weeks were shaped by goodbyes. Shortly after our trip to Ottawa, we had to say goodbye to Vitória, since she had to go back to Brazil. I am very grateful for the time that I was able to spend with her. Having her as a roommate and getting to know her as a very dear friend has shaped my time in Montréal immensely and I will never forget the impact she had. (Love you girl!) In the weeks after Vitória left, we said goodbye to Gabi, Eduardo, and Estefanía. Although saying goodbye is hard, I know that I will see all of them very soon. Travel plans have already been made and I cannot wait to see everyone in other parts of the world to make more memories.

Even though I haven’t travelled a lot in the last couple of weeks, I still used the time after work and during the weekends to further explore Montréal. A couple of times, we went to the Island St. Helen and used the nice weather for a picnic in the Park Jean-Drapeau.

Eduardo and I also went hiking on Mont Royal and enjoyed the view of Montreal. We also went back to the Botanical Garden.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid Covid forever and had to spend a week in my room. My symptoms weren’t that bad though and after a few days I could go back to enjoying the city and the nice weather.

In summer, a bunch of music festivals are held at the place des arts in Montréal and many concerts are free. Paula, the other intern at the Goethe-Institut, and I made use of this a couple of times and went to a few open-air concerts together.

On Thursday (June 30th), I had my final day at the institute and after three months my internship came to an end. I learned a lot of things during my time here and for my future. From working in the office, to organizing game nights and class visits, my days at the institute were never boring and very eventful. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to sit in German lessons and view the process of learning German as a foreign language. I learned many helpful tactics and aspects that I will be able to incorporate in my own foreign language teaching.

In general, the past few months have gone by so very quickly and I am grateful for every second I’ve spent in Montréal. I have made many friends and I am sure that I will keep those friendships for the rest of my life. The next travel plans to Brazil and Colombia are already in motion and I am looking forward to making more memories with my friends. During my internship, I have learned many things for my work life later and I will profit from those for a long time to come.

Although my time in Montréal is now over, my trip still isn’t. Right now, I am writing this entry in the train to Toronto where I will be spending the night and then starting my first road trip from tomorrow. If everything goes well, the next entry will already be uploaded tomorrow evening.

Here are a few more pictures of Montréal that I took the last couple of months:

July will be filled with travelling, exploring new places and meeting old friends, so keep an eye out for many pictures and impressions to come. My bags are packed, my destinations are planned, and I am ready for the next part of my adventure.

Montréal, Thank You!

This week, I have chosen two songs of the week with two very important messages: This goodbye is not forever and I will come back!

Song of the Week:
This Ain’t Goodbye – Train

Song of the Week:
Je reviens – Jean-Baptiste Maunier

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