Taking a Break in Toronto

Even though my trip around Lake Ontario was pretty amazing and so worth it, I felt pretty drained the first few days that I spent in Toronto. On Friday I took a little walk around the neighborhood and looked at the buildings around me. My hostel was centrally located, and I had a great view of the CN Tower which was within ten minutes walking distance. In the evening I went to see the new Thor movie in the theater.

I spent the Saturday resting and getting my energy back since I felt very drained from my trip.

On Sunday I felt a lot better and decided to use the good weather. In the morning I took the ferry to Toronto Island and walked about five kilometers along the beaches and through the parks. On the island, the view of the skyline is pretty amazing and the beaches on the other side overlook Lake Ontario. The parks were very full, and a lot of people visited the island since the weather was really amazing. I managed to find some quiet places though and was able to relax.

On the west side of the island is a small airport and I was very lucky to see a landing plane while on the ferry back to the mainland.

Afterwards, I stopped by the Rogers Stadium, the stadium of the Blue Jays (Baseball) and looked at the CN tower from the ground. Since we all know, how well I handle heights, I did not go up the tower šŸ˜‰

Monday morning, I did some laundry and packed my suitcases. Afterwards I headed out again to look at the Toronto city hall and the 3D sign. In general, I used the day to walk around and just look at the city.

Even though I used the trip to Toronto mainly to regenerate and prepare for the next journey, I enjoyed exploring the city a lot and Iā€™m pretty sure that I will be back.

This morning I started my next journey at 4:30 and went to the airport. Right now, I have already landed in Calgary and Iā€™m just waiting for Frieda to arrive from Frankfurt. We will spend the next few days here before continuing on to Banff on Friday – stay tuned!

Song of the Week:
Toronto ā€“ Boys and Ivy

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