Whistler Adventure Tour

Mostly known for its snowy ski slopes and impressive mountain ranges, Whistler is a beautiful destination to visit all year around. During the summertime it is a bustling village full of hikers, campers, and tourists who want to explore the mountains of British Columbia.

Although I have already spent some time in Whistler, I decided to take the opportunity to go again through my practicum. At Discover Canada Tours, we offer day trips to Whistler, and I was able to join them!

After getting some coffee in the morning, I took the bus to Canada Place, where our travel group was meeting for the day. Once everyone was checked in, we loaded up the bus and headed towards Whistler. On the way, Mara, our tour guide, gave some commentary regarding the area and sights we were about to see.

Our first stop on the Sea-to-Sky Highway was Shannon Falls, which is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia. There we had some time to walk around and look at the waterfalls and the nature surrounding it.

Afterwards, we continued our drive to Whistler. There, we had a guided tour through Whistler with Mara and then about 5 hours of free time. During this time, different optional activities are offered to see many things in the town.

One of those options is the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. The first part of this activity is taking the gondola up to Whistler mountain.

Once up there, one can also take a chair lift to the summit, which offers a great view of the surrounding mountains. There is a suspension bridge on the peak of the mountain as well.

The actual highlight is the 4.5km long gondola connection between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb mountain. The ride takes about 12 minutes and the view of the valley and the town at the foot of the mountain is amazing.

After a short stop on Blackcomb Mountain, I took the last gondola back down to the village.

I had some more free time, which I used for exploring Whistler a little more.

We started our journey back to Vancouver around 5pm.

The day trip to Whistler was very exciting and a great opportunity to fill a day with traveling. I hope I will have another opportunity to see the city during the winter to experience the snowy season in the mountains of British Columbia.

Live the Adventure!

Song of the Week:
Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

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