Flowers and Rain in Ottawa

The perfect time to go on a trip and enjoy the weather is when the sun is finally out, and the different colors of the flowers and the trees have spread throughout the cities.

So, on Saturday morning seven of us squeezed into a minivan and started our journey to Ottawa. With an outside temperature of 30°,  a whole bunch of bags and suitcases, and no space for our legs we somehow managed the two-hour drive from Montreal.

After we arrived in Ottawa, we first went to the Tulip Festival. This event is held every year to commemorate the liberation of the Netherlands in the 2nd World War which Canada supported. During the searing heat and with a huge crowd of people we looked at the Tulips and later had a lunch break in the Commissioners Park.

Around 3pm we drove to our AirBnb and used the remaining afternoon for a little break. For dinner we went to the Restaurant “Tavern on the Falls” which is located near to the Rideau waterfall and spent our evening eating Hot Dogs and Tacos. From the restaurant we enjoyed the sunset and a spectacular view of the Ottawa River.

Unfortunately, the good weather from Saturday did not last and the Sunday was gray and rainy. Since it was supposed to thunderstorm later, we spent our morning at the Canadian History Museum looking at different exhibits on the history of the First Nations and the founding of Canada. Here are a few impressions:

Next to the museum is a platform which overlooks the Ottawa River. From there, you have a great view of the Parliament, as well.

Afterwards we had a little bit of sun and we wanted to use it to see the Parliament. Luck wasn’t really on our side though because it started pouring again before we had the chance. So, we decided to move the trip to Monday and spent the evening at a restaurant instead. Afterwards, we went back to our apartment, played some games, and finished the day with a thunderstorm. At night we also had the opportunity to look at the lunar eclipse.

On Monday we had more luck with the weather. After we had breakfast and vacated our apartment, we drove downtown. There, we first looked at the Notre Dame Church and afterwards walked up to Parliament Hill. We had to take some more pictures of tulips as well.

Although the parliament building is being renovated at the moment it is still very impressive and interesting to look at. The architecture is very similar to that of the British Parliament, in my opinion. From the top of Parliament Hill, we also had a spectacular view of the Ottawa River, overlooking the History Museum on the other side.

In the early afternoon, we decided to visit the Byward Market, which is a part of Ottawa where many local merchants have their shops, and they regularly have a farmers’ market. The district is also known for its street artists and the many international pubs and restaurants located there. One of the attractions there is the Ottawa sign, where we had to take a picture to commemorate our trip.

After a short lunch break, we headed back to the car and started our journey back to Montreal. As soon as we started driving, it started raining again and we left Ottawa with thunder and lightning behind. All in all, it was a very busy weekend with a lot of fun impressions and experiences.

The next big trip won’t be until the end of June/beginning of July, but I will definitely post more entries until then.

Fitting the weather this weekend, the song of the week is “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.

Until then! 😊

Song of the Week:
Thunder – Imagine Dragons

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